Dance is oftentimes difficult to understand because of its dependent use of metaphor and evocation of an idea--often without an obvious subject matter or purpose. Yet, what Mook aims to accomplish is bridging the gap between metaphor and reality. Subjective instances in life are tangible, arduous, and experienced by all, and Mook uses dance as a form of discussion that dancers and non-dancers alike will recognize and comprehend. It is my goal as a choreographer to utilize my voice and tell my story. But if I aim to share with an audience, I feel it is important that my work is comprehensible to understand.


Mook's company repertoire consists of real, palpable, and personal instances and elaborates on those ideas with movement that is both ethereal and literal. My choice to use authentic, natural movement alongside ornamented contemporary movement adds a criteria of relatability and human recognition, while still remaining evocative. I want to combine daily human perceptions with contemporary movement to narrate my own experiences--and these instances are almost always shared by others.